Degree Requirements

The IUSB MSOT program is designed as a cohort-based, full-time program. Seven academic semesters, (75 graduate credit hours) of graduate professional course work and fieldwork starting in August of each year. Courses must be taken sequentially throughout the program. Students must fulfill the degree requirements of the program before they are eligible to take the NBCOT National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy examination.

Technology Requirements

Students admitted into the IUSB MSOT program are required to possess basic (and gain when necessary additional) knowledge and skills in the use of computers and computer software including the following basic computing skills of:

  • E-mail (Outlook Web Access)
  • World-Wide Web
  • IUSB Libraries and Databases (IUCAT, Medline, CINHAL, ERIC, etc.)
  • Canvas CL (IU online learning environment)
  • EndNote (citation manager)
  • Word-processing software: MS Word
  • Presentation software: MS PowerPoint or equivalent
  • Spreadsheet software: MS Excel or equivalent

IT support services at IUSB are available to students throughout the academic calendar including via phone, walk-in or virtual. Website: https://uits.iusb.edu/


(Courses pending final approval)

Occupational Science & Therapy (3) 

Applied Kinesiology in Occupational Therapy  (3)

Neuroscience in Occupational Therapy (3) 

Research Methods in Occupational Therapy (2)  

Task Analysis & Environmental Assessment and Design in OT (2) 

Pathophysiology in Occupational Therapy (2)

(Courses pending final approval)

Population and Individual Health and Wellness in Occupational Therapy (3)

Core Skills and Documentation in Professional Practice in OT (2)

Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy Practice (3) 

Leadership and Professional Advocacy in Occupational Therapy (3)

Group Process in Occupational Therapy (2)

(Courses pending final approval)

Mental Health and Functional Cognition in Occupational Therapy (3)

Fieldwork Models and Level I Psychosocial Fieldwork in OT (2) 

Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy (4)

(Courses pending final approval)

Adaptation and Participation in Occupational Therapy (3) 

Occupational Therapy with Young Children (3)

Occupational Therapy with Children and Youth (3)  

Health Planning and Evidence-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy (3) 

Level I Fieldwork (Pediatric) (1)

(Courses pending final approval)

Occupational Therapy with Older Adults (3) 

Level I Fieldwork (Adult) (1)

Assistive Technology in Occupational Therapy (3) 

Management and Entrepreneurship in Occupational Therapy (3)

Methods of Service Delivery in Occupational Therapy (3)

(Courses pending final approval)

Fieldwork II-A (5)

(Courses pending final approval)

Fieldwork II-B (5)

Ethics and Professionalism in Occupational Therapy (2) (Online)

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