Minor in Complementary Health

Discourse surrounding complementary therapies and their use in healthcare abounds; yet, consumers are seeking out and using these therapies, often without informing their healthcare provider. Therefore, it is critical that all interested students, particularly future health care providers, be given the academic opportunity to learn about and explore complementary therapies and the issues surrounding their use.

Students achieving a minor in complementary health gain a thorough understanding of a number of complementary therapies. This understanding involves exploring the foundational belief systems of these therapies and the cultures from which they are derived. Students critically examine complementary therapies in light of the disease processes for which they are prescribed as well as explore the inherent political, economic, and ethical issues surrounding these therapies.

Any interested IU South Bend student may complete a minor in complementary health. Students interested in pursuing a minor must register their intentions with the School of Nursing and consult with a faculty advisor prior to enrollment in required core courses.