Study Abroad

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

IU South Bend offers various opportunities to study abroad. The Dwyer College of Health Sciences offers the HSC-N390 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. In 2018, students will travel to Belize.  Students have also traveled to Costa Rica for this course. 

The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs in Costa Rica and Belize provide students with numerous experiences to study the intersection of culture and health within the indigenous populations of these countries. Furthermore, students learn the history and evolution of the countries.  Working with professors and local non-governmental organizations (NGO) students learn how to use in-country data to create culturally appropriate health promotion programs.  Students tour local historical sites as well as the botanical gardens to learn how herbs and plants are used in medicine.

The program is open to all majors and counts as a natural world common core course at the 300 level.  Contact the trip leaders Kristyn Quimby or Mallory Edmondson for more information: or 574-520-4405; or 574-520-4518. Also check out the other International Programs options.