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Dr. Heller and Dr. Okanlami holding plaques honoring them for service and leadership, for Black History Month

The City of South Bend honors Bunmi Okanlami, M.B.A., M.D. and Darryl Heller, Ph.D. for their service and leadership in the community for Black History Month 2021. Dr. Okanlami and Dr. Heller are active in the "Dwyer School of Health Sciences" Inclusive Action Advisory Council. We share the community's pride in the work of these two campus and community leaders in the fight for social justice and health equity for all. Congratulations Dr. Heller and Dr. Okanlami!

Passionate about the health and well-being of your community?

If you want to make life better for the people in our community and around the world, you belong here.

Our degree programs offer many different academic paths, but they’re all focused on improving lives through health care services, health education and health promotion.
As a student here, you are able to explore a number of health-related disciplines and prepares you for a wide variety of career options. As your studies progress, you can choose to keep your focus broad or hone in on a specific area to better prepare for a specific career or graduate school program. It is all up to you!

Whether you have questions about degree programs or concerns about applying, the faculty and staff are here to help. From the time you are admitted through graduation, we’ll be here right beside you, challenging you, cheering you on, and helping you grow.

Mission and Vision

The "Dwyer School of Health Sciences" will be recognized as a leader in the provision of health care services, health education and health promotion. The College is dedicated to teaching excellence, transformational educational experiences, human dignity and excellence in community service, health care, health education and health promotion.

The mission of the "Dwyer School of Health Sciences" is to provide a transformational education that prepares professionals who demonstrate excellence in the provision of care and respect for human dignity.

  1. Transformational learning is a revolutionary process that occurs through small, every day encounters and unique perspective-altering experiences.
  2. Excellence in healthcare is exemplified by a commitment to innovation, evidenced-based practice, integrity and a commitment to integrative care.
  3. Human dignity is inherent respect for all persons that encompasses good will, compassion and understanding.