Dental Education

Why Choose Dental Hygiene at IU South Bend?


The Programs in Dental Education are fully accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation. It is important for all students interested in a career in dental hygiene to attend an accredited institution.


Our students are the driving force behind our program and who make coming to work fun for each one of our faculty. IU South Bend Dental Hygiene program becomes family for each of our students. Hygiene school is like no other program. Classmates and faculty are in it together and will work as a team to make sure each student makes it across the stage at graduation. Students will get faculty's undivided expert attention.

Community Involvement

IU South Bend, being a regional campus, has a mission to serve the needs of the community. The Dental Hygiene Program is dedicated to helping those in need in the region. We conduct several community outreach events throughout the year, all designed by faculty, staff, and students within the program. In 2014 alone, our program donated $167, 000 through Access to Care Day, Dental Access Day for the Center for the Homeless, Sealant Clinic, Head Start Fluoride Varnish program, and Operation Stand Down: South Bend.

Versatility and Job Outlook

The career options are endless for dental hygienists. While it is true most dental hygienists work in private practice helping patients prevent dental disease, there are many dental hygienists in community health settings, education, research, sales, marketing, product development, legislature, public advocacy, among other career paths. Some of these alternate career paths may require an advanced degree.

Nationally, the job outlook for dental hygienists is continuing to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the jobs for dental hygienists to grow 33% from 2012-2022.
While the job outlook is expected to grow, the uncertain economic times are finding more and more dental hygienists unable to find full time employment in private dental offices. Many graduates are working part time in private practice while pursuing other opportunities their degree can offer. This is the beauty of the four year dental hygiene degree -- versatility.

Pass Rates

All graduates of accredited dental hygiene programs must take and pass (75%) the National Board of Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE), the North East Regional Board Examination (NERB), and, in many states, a state law exam. This allows the graduate to apply for licensure in the state.
IU South Bend Dental Hygiene Program has a 100% pass rate on all our board exams. Our NBDHE pass rate is 96% on the first attempt and 100% on the second. The NERB clinical examination is 94% on the first attempt and 100% on the second. While we have had failures over the years, the dedicated faculty continue to work one on one with our students and graduates to help them pass the examinations.

Faculty and Staff

We work hard to build and maintain the most highly qualified faculty and staff. Our faculty come to us from a variety of universities all with excellent private practice experience. We have seven full time faculty, including a full time dentist, available to assist our students. We also have practicing dental hygienists and dentists as adjunct (part-time) faculty in our clinic. These faculty members are vital to the success of our program. They come to us with a variety of patient experiences and a plethora of knowledge of the field of dentistry. Students benefit from the diversity of backgrounds of our faculty and the experiences they bring to our program.


IU South Bend has an on campus dental hygiene clinic. Our dental hygiene clinic is open to the public and provides a rich clinical experience with over 700 hours of hands on patient treatment time for each student. Students will treat members of the Michiana community. With the economic times uncertain, our clinic provides a wonderful service to the community here in South Bend.
IU South Bend Dental Hygiene Program has been in existence for over 40 years graduating highly trained quality dental hygienists.