Health Systems Leadership

Health Systems Leadership Concentration

Want to know more about Health Systems, Medical Coding, and Health Information Management?

Want to learn the technology behind medical databases?

Want a rewarding career in healthcare without the blood and guts?

Students who want to become leaders in health systems should consider IUSB’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science with a concentration in Coding and Informatics. This track provides students with hands-on, applicable skills, as well as opportunities to develop their skills in the real world through internships in the healthcare field. Students majoring in Health Systems Leadership will be eligible for certification both as Certified Professional Coders and Certified Professional Billers, and can apply for a variety of jobs such as:

Medical and Health Service Managers

Medical Billing and Coding (Health Care Data)

Health Information Technician (Information Systems)

(Coming 2016!)

Prospective Courses:

Leadership Core:

-HSC-M101 Electronic Records

-HSC-M192 Health Revenue Mangement and Reimb.

-HSC-B352 Performance Improvement in Hlth Mngment

-HSC-B371 Human Resources in Management Health Care

-HSC-B352 Performance Improvement in Hlth Mngment

-HIA-M461 Release of Information

Coding and Informatics:

-HIA-M355 ICD Coding

-HIA-M455 CPT Coding

-HSC-M102 Clinical Experience I

-HSC-N308 Health Info Representation and Database Design

-HIA-M420 Healthcare Planning and Information Systems

-HIA-M270 Foundations and Principles of HIM

-HIA-M325 Healthcare information Requirements and Standards I

-HIA-M325 Healthcare information Requirements and Standards I