Helpful Tips and Hints to Get You Started

Helpful Tips and Hints to Get You Started

IU South Bend Website: general and specific information about IUSB as well as useful links; current schedule of classes are found here. Click on tools in the upper right area to quickly find these links. It is packed with information about anything related to attending IUSB.

Useful Links:

This is the web based access to all things you manage at IU South Bend as a student -- your registration, finances, etc. You have to sign in with your user id and pass-phrase which you create once you are admitted

Oncourse or Canvas are one of the web based course management program IU uses. Faculty use this program to communicate and post assignments and grades specific to the course or courses you are enrolled in. After enrollment and about a month before the course starts access to this site for the course is available. Online courses use this site exclusively to conduct the course. IU is in transition from Oncourse to Canvas so check with faculty on which system is to be used.

  • It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with this program and tutorials and help links are readily available once you sign in. You use your IUSB user id and passphrase to log in.

You need to set up and be familiar with using your IUSB email. Email will be the main form of communication from IUSB. Everything is electronic and electronic communication is considered official communication. You can set up your email to be forwarded to another address but we recommend that you use and check often the IUSB email to assure communications.

Other Good Things To Know:
Early registration helps you get into the classes you want. Registration for Fall and Summer Semesters is in early April and for Spring in early November. The online program has earlier deadlines—over a month before classes start. You can register and adjust registration through the first week of classes.