Billing and Coding (18 cr.)

The billing and coding minor is designed for gaining an understanding of key coding concepts and enhancing your future in healthcare facilities. Students will be sufficiently trained to sit for the AAPC CPC certification.

Minor Requirement

Nutrition (18 cr.)

The nutrition of our population is a growing concern. To combat this concern, the Health Sciences is offering minors in nutrition to develop students with the fundamental training to educate their peers and community on healthy diets and lifestyle choices.

Minor Requirements

Sport and Exercise Science (18 cr.)

Many careers can be augmented by an understanding of the fundamental health concepts important for maintaining a fit lifestyle. Training in these areas may pave the way toward careers as a personal or strength trainer. Students with minors in Sport and Exercise Science will be competent to sit for the NSCA-CPT (certified Personal Trainer) exam.

Minor Requirements

Health Promotion (15 cr.)

As we move further into the twenty-first century, the United States is placing a greater emphasis on health, health education, health promotion, fitness, and wellness programming. Understanding this greater emphasis, employers in many sectors are looking for individuals to promote wellness. This minor provides fundamental tools for providing health education in a community setting.

Minor Requirements

Stay tuned for more minors in the College of Health Sciences!

Students should make an appointment with their advisor for specific details about the courses included in these minors.

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